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Therefore the learning process can be designed around the four types of learners.

“The lesson starts with Imaginative and moves to Analytic, then onto Common Sense, finally finishing with Dynamic.

“Until recently, many Christian communicators assumed that the most effective ways to teach were teacher-centred—through lecture, story-telling, or sermon” [4].

There has been much discussion in the emerging church movement about the usefulness of the traditional monologue sermon as a way of helping people to learn.

Analytic learners do well in the traditional lecture-style learning environment. They want all the information before they make a decision [4].

Adult learners “strive to become independent, self-directing, and competent; they thrive in learning environments that help them to transform their perspective and feel empowered to effect change in their lives.Music in the service can also play a role in teaching people.Indeed, for church leavers often after years have past, the thing people will remember from church will not be the sermons necessarily, but the songs.What is being learnt needs to be connected to a real-life situation. Thirdly, the new content should be practiced, to see how it will work in real life.Finally, the learners take what has been learnt and use it beyond the teaching setting [4].

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Life is an ongoing process of learning and growing, and the corps as the people of God gathered together, should be a learning community.