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Dating hudgens vanessa who

It has been months since Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have been spotted together in public and we’re so happy to see them together again!Austin has been away for most of the year filming the second season of his series in New Zealand, but he just wrapped the shoot and he’s back in Los Angeles!Butler's Instagram account is pretty heavy on the artsy side of things, so it takes a bit more digging to find Hudgens in the mix.Butler did share a photo of the two in 2016 in a throwback pic, with a sweet message about love and kindness in general (inspired by Hudgens, I'd like to think! I just read this beautiful quote by Mother Teresa: "Spread love everywhere you go.Whether that's paying for the person behind you at the coffee shop, sending an encouraging text to a friend, complimenting a stranger, buying food for a homeless person, or simply giving out a couple extra smiles.I'd love to read your comments on how you're making other people's lives better!Are Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler still together?

When Z and V first started dating, they were super young and not all teenage romances last into adulthood and well forever, although there are some that do too.Hudgens last spoke to earlier this year about how they make their relationship work when they are separated doing projects.She explained: “Just communication, communication is key.And, come to think of it, that probably helps to keep their love going strong, so well done, you two.Hudgens and Butler started dating in 2011 and are still totally solid.

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Vanessa and Austin were seen walking the streets of L. on Wednesday (May 31) and we have all the photos here.