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Dating wooden sewing thread spools

In 1866 George Clark invented the first-ever thread that could be used in sewing machines. Two years later the Spool Cotton Company became the sole selling agent. Coats & Clark is now a craft company of Coats North America which is a division of Coats Viyella headquartered in Great Britain. 1924 – Collingbourne Mills purchased Berkshire & Becket [1885]of Becket MA, silk product manufacturers.

Dexter/Collingbourne/Virginia Snow: Label and Catalog Pictures in Photo Gallery All brands listed separately Grandma Dexter is a familiar name to sewers, needleworkers and quilters with its sewing products inclduing bias tape. Artzilk artificial embroider and crochet thread introduced. Logo was ABC in a diamond for Americ’as Best Cottons and A. This line plus stamped embroidery patterns offered.

Second, even if your vintage thread creating more lint, it’s not an issue.

Simply clean your machine regularly, which you should be doing anyway. Is the rule about not using old threads based on a few people who inherited entire thread collections that were stored in damp places and had terrible experiences with those (because thread that gets damp does need to be thrown out)?

And for me that’s pretty good evidence that vintage thread is fine to sew with!and appeared in advertising 1902 Richardson Silk Co. 1922 Belding Heminway officially named Corticelli Silk Co. The purchasers, subsidiaries of Hicking Pentecost PLC, a British thread maker with significant operations in the United States, also acquired the Belding Heminway name in the transaction., founding date unknown, appears in advertising 1918 HKH Silk Co. These threads have their origin in England and Scotland.Whenever I’ve had problems with thread breaking it’s happened as it ran through the machine: in hundreds of garments sewn with vintage thread I’ve never had one that started breaking after a couple/dozen wears.The final reason given for not using vintage thread is that it creates more lint than modern thread.

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First, this not entirely true – some vintage threads may create more lint than modern threads, but a good quality vintage thread still creates lint than a cheap modern thread. I can’t ever accept the things that sewing books say without testing).

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