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it was a great learning experience.” Her good looks are inextricably linked to her success and popularity, but it’s her knowledge, passion, quick wit and tenacity to uncover stories on the sidelines that have solidified her as a reputable reporter. “Coaches trust me.” Over the last few years her fame has skyrocketed, and she has arguably become a sports culture icon.

She’s featured as a sideline reporter in “NCAA Football 10,” a video game by EA Sports, appears in a Sony commercial featuring Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake, was named “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” in 20 by Playboy, and in February she hosted a Super Bowl party alongside music mogul P. Though her position as ESPN’s sideline star has been a mostly positive experience, the greatest test of her endurance came last July, when Andrews was forced to live through what most would call their worst nightmare after an illegal peephole video showing Andrews in the nude surfaced on the Internet.

But here in Brandon, Andrews’ hometown from second grade through high school, she can remain, for the most part, anonymous.

“Especially in the beginning, I felt I had to prove myself,” she says. You have to do the research.” She wishes people could see all the work that goes into preparing for a game.

*** Although Andrews now calls Atlanta home, she considers herself a grits-loving, sun-worshipping Florida girl at heart.

Her parents still live in the same house they moved into when they relocated to Tampa from Maine after Steve took a job with WFLA.

She loves sports, wanted to be on TV and made her career happen.

Her decision to attend the University of Florida was a strategic one.

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Her pre-game-night rituals include late nights studying up on team, coach and player histories.