International dating club cleopatra

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International dating club cleopatra

Soon after Fumi moves back to Kamakura, she finds out Chizu will soon get married to a man she has never met.Not long after meeting Yasuko Sugimoto in the literature club, Fumi develops a crush on Yasuko, who later asks her out.The play goes well and everyone praises the actress' performances.Over summer vacation, Akira suggests to Fumi that they go out together after thinking deeply about it.She is in the same class as Akira and is a member of the drama club.She has been dubbed as Princess for her charm, and is also skilled in sewing, art, tennis and acting.

Fumi is a lesbian and had her first romantic relationship with her older female cousin Chizu Hanashiro, with whom she had sex.Not knowing how to respond, Fumi seeks advice from Akira, but ends up confessing her love for her instead.Kyōko does not want Kō to break off the engagement, but he ends up finally breaking up with her.Many students look up to Kyōko in the same way Kyōko looks up to Yasuko.Kyōko is engaged (in name only) to Kō Sawanoi, a college student.

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Eight volumes were published between December 2005 and September 2013.

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