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As “Catfish: The TV Show” returns from its winter hiatus, Joseph chats about entering the world of online love, red flags and getting “catfish”-ed.You weren’t in “Catfish,” so how did you get involved in “Catfish: The TV Show”?When he finally meets his online girlfriend in real life nearly one year later, however, he is shocked to discover that Megan has deceived him.As it turns out, her real name is Angela Wesselman, and she is a married middle-aged woman with complex psychological issues.I know lots of people who’ve done it, and it’s 50/50 on people who meet spouses and people who have horror stories. When I walk out on the street, I don’t get stopped, I’m still making films, I’m still in a relationship — until I open my computer. Each episode changes the people’s lives for better or worse. I mostly experience the fame virtually, which speaks to the age we’re in.

The film follows the unusual story of Nev Schulman, a 24 year old photographer who begins an online relationship via Facebook with Megan Faccio, a singer, dancer, and aspiring model.A year and a half later, Nev was in talks with MTV, and he called me to ask if I’d be in the show with him.It was just the pilot — and who knows what’s going to happen with pilots — so it started as just a fun thing to do.What tools do you use to find things that people in the relationships don’t? Each episode, you see a few minutes of us on our computers, but what you don’t see is that the investigative scene is six or seven hours long.We don’t use Lexis Nexis or anything, we go online and Google. We call friends, schools and jobs to make sure they know them, went there or worked there.

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● Photos: Friends aren’t tagged and all the photos are of them without a shirt on.