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Figures show crimes relating to dating apps have increased 10-fold over the past three years in Kent - with reported offences including blackmail, sex attacks, harassment and even attempted murder.While the numbers are low - increasing from one crime in 2013, to two in 2014 and then jumping to 10 last year - people are being warned to take care when meeting up with users they barely know via the likes of Tinder and Grindr.According to one resident the 42-year-old, of Bingley Close, Snodland, even answered the door to officers while starkers.Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council has also served him with an anti-social behaviour warning letter."I’m being pessimistic but I think people just want to see trouble.“People have been accusing me of things which are blatantly untrue.” He added: “Naturism appeals to me due to the sense of freedom and liberation.Last year, Dunn, 25, of Victoria Road, Tunbridge Wells, was convicted of wounding with intent.Sentencing Dunn to 12 years in prison, Judge Jeremy Carey said: "I am not going to make any comment about Grindr - about people who are willing to take in others they hardly know and have relations with them when drugs have been smoked.

"I've had people say 'I'm going to rape you' just because I've decided not to talk to them. "For people in a modern society to think they can still say that to women, it's disgusting." Superintendent Simon Thompson from Kent Police describes dating app crime as a "fast and expanding area", but says the force has adapted to the challenges it presents.

A naked carpenter will appear in court after renovating a house in Eccles wearing nothing but his work boots.

Rob Jenner has been visited by police a number of times in the past week at the property in Stevens Road after outraged neighbours reported him.

She says: "I didn't meet up with anyone else apart from my boyfriend - I think I was just worried about the whole thing - but I did match with quite a few people and some of them I had relatively decent conversations with.

"Some people on it are quite weird so you do have to limit the people you talk to and be wary of the information you send out.

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He says: "These are still very small numbers, but even one offence is too many and that's why we're very keen to provide some crime prevention messages and advice to people.

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