Lina and mark webcam

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Lina and mark webcam

"I saw something in the news, so I copied it,” Mr Comey told an audience earlier this year.“I put a piece of tape — I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera.Mr Zuckerberg is far from the first person to worry about the power of the cameras that are watching us at all times.Edward Snowden has warned of its power as a way of surveilling people, and FBI director James Comey has said that he has taken advice to cover up the camera to keep people from seeing him.Both are presumably ways of keeping prying eyes out, covering up the two ways that a computer can get a sense of what is happening around it.Mr Zuckerberg is one of the highest-profile security targets in the world – in real life as well as on the internet – and so what may appear to be paranoia is probably a sensible way of preserving privacy.Mac Books, which is what Mr Zuckerberg works on, have their cameras hard-wired so that whenever the camera is activated a little green light shows up next to them.But that safety measure has been circumvented in the past, and can only be seen when sat in front of the computer – meaning that covering it up with tape is the only way to be entirely sure that it isn't being used to see through.

The Facebook founder and CEO has been spotted with a piece of tape covering up his webcam and microphone in what appears to be a way of stopping his computer from spying on him.There also appears to be some sort of obstruction on his mic jack, although it's unclear what — tape, or some kind of dummy plug?(As Gizmodo points out, this really does appear to be Zuckerberg's desk; the same setup was shown in a Facebook Live video last year.) Zuckerberg isn't the first high-profile person to have this concern.It isn’t clear why Mr Zuckerberg wrapped up his microphone jack with what appears to be either tape or a special plug.The power that the devices on our desks and in our pockets have to monitor us was demonstrated earlier this month by the suggestion that Facebook was able to listen in on microphones.

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In April, FBI Director James Comey said he placed some tape on his laptop after he saw "somebody smarter" with a taped-up camera.

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