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So I put down my drink to go to the bathroom when my boyfriend’s friend stopped me in my tracks, in the middle of some of our friends, to ask: ‘Woah, woah, woah, what’s going on here? He continued: ‘Your tits look magnificent.’ I froze.

I could feel the blood pooling in my face as I blushed.

You know damn good and well that he or she needs to detach themselves from the emotional barnacle that is their significant other, but for whatever reason they’re holding on to that toxic relationship for dear life.

Whether you genuinely can’t see the toll that your failing coupledom is taking on your life or you simply can’t believe that you could find someone else – or that you deserve better – sometimes you find that you’re an emotional Slim Pickens, riding the A-bomb of their love straight into the Russian steppes that is your relationship and bringing nothing but devastation in your wake. The only way I can think to describe it is akin to the day I quit the worst job I ever had – doing tech-support for a notable cell-phone company.

Sometimes fighting can be the results of two passionate people in a relationship. As long as you’re fighting fairly – you’re sticking to the issue at hand, you’re taking care not to deliberately hurt each other’s feelings, you’re taking the time to be aware that what you’re saying may not be what she’s hearing – fights aren’t a sign that the end is nigh.

They’re just signs that there is something the two of you need to work out. Any movies I saw were ones she would see with me and no others. That was “stupid” and “juvenile”, and she couldn’t possibly see why I would like it – she and her friends would make fun of me , to my face, for playing D&D.

It could be as simple as where the two of you will live, or your where you are with your careers. Are you willing – or able, for that matter – to pull up stakes if your significant other gets an offer for her dream job that requires moving across the country? Everyone’s familiar with the idea that opposites attract, but in reality, if you’re different, it’s going to end up being a massive strain on your relationship.

Where are the two of you going to live: the big city? As much as you may even genuinely love each other, the cold hard fact is that sometimes being in love just isn’t enough to make a relationship work.

Since this was before the days of Skype, ubiquitous cellphones with nationwide minute plans and widely available broadband connections, we were reduced to e-mail, instant messages and long-distance phone calls that threatened to plunge us into bankruptcy. But when of your friends are pointing out how sad or upset you seem whenever you’re with your girlfriend… Are your friends jealous that your relationship is taking you away from them, or are they genuinely concerned for your welfare?

Dipping back into the aforementioned disaster that was my college relationship, I quickly learned that my life outside of my relationship with my ex had been summarily curtailed. The few times I was allowed to rejoin my gaming group were the subject of intense negotiation…

Hanging out with my friends was tolerated only grudgingly, and even then only for limited amounts of time. and even then, I would frequently find myself being dragged away with little warning or explanation.

I was absolutely convinced that the job was draining the life out of me and after one particularly trying day that involved a bomb-threat, I finally stood up, threw down my headset, told my supervisor that he could kiss my ass and I was giving my notice and walked out the door. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have waited so long…

The feeling of freedom that overcame me, like I had just shrugged off a massive weight that I hadn’t realized I was carrying almost set me to tears. especially since I would have been able to recognized the signs that it was long past time to break up.

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One day, some old friends and I were hanging out at my house getting caught up when my girlfriend at the time called. Is the problem that you’re not as willing to indulge in juvenile or even hazardous behavior ever since you started dating your current partner?

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