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Trousdale dating

That’s where the imported gang members apparently fit in. ’”The officer told Steubbel they round 1,465 gang affiliations.“The last month there have been three weeks where they were locked down four days out of the week without showers, without anything.Casey, the inmate’s wife, said she was told about the strategy personally by two prison administrators.“He doesn’t want to participate in gang activity,” she said.“It’s almost as if they are encouraging gangs to start up,” the I-Team said.“Very much so,” Casey replied.“They’re asking him to be a security threat, because once you’re involved in gang activity, you’re labeled a security threat,” she added.“Over half the inmate population is gang affiliated, and the TDOC actually brought in a sort of team or special security op group to identify gang affiliations to every inmate at Trousdale,” Steubbel said. They’re just in their cells,” Casey said.“This is absolute chaos.There was no call placed at all for a county ambulance last month when inmate Dantwan Crump allegedly stabbed a lieutenant four times – in the arms, back, stomach and head – with a 7.5-inch sharpened, prison-made knife.According to the official report, the correction officer had supposedly “sprayed his homie” and he had to jump in.“They can’t maintain that pod. So if something happens in the pod, if violence breaks out or if there’s a medical emergency, there often isn’t anyone in that pod, because if something happens, you don’t stay in the middle of it,” Alexander said.I’ll call you when I get there,’” said a woman who asked to be identified as Casey. She was panicked over her husband’s sudden transfer to Trousdale Turner. The prison was built with the promise of 350 new jobs in a rural county where people need work.

Programs would visits each other’s campuses monthly for parties, activities and more.

But according to the mayor and several other people the Channel 4 I-Team talked to, not many locals work there. He’s a leader.“He has not been involved in any gang activity since he’s been at Riverbend, that was the purpose of him going there.

Until recently, before a contract expired, guards from another security company were recruited, put up at hotels and bused in to work. And so they told him they were transferring him there so he could keep the peace and get them in line,” Casey added.

An invitation was granted, but when he asked to bring Channel 4’s Demetria Kalodimos along, it never happened.“Prisons love to say they can’t allow people inside because of concerns for the security of the institution.

What we’re really talking about here is security of their secrets.

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