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For this, I used a little dirt devil and just sucked up as much as possible.You can also take a little brush and sweep some of the dirt on out of there.

Step 2: With all of the loose debris outta there, it’s time to give your fireplace a good deep clean.So our fireplace received the green light, but it wasn’t looking too pretty. That way it would always look cohesive and future soot wouldn’t tarnish the aesthetics of the fireplace.I did some research and decided to go with high heat spray paint.We just used a piece of trim that we had in our scrap pile (it’s slightly rounded on both sides).Before grouting we glued it in place to provide a clean edge to grout up against and now it’s painted to match everything else.

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But until we get around to that I thought a few easy updates could make a big difference. I have a couple of options in mind and I need your help deciding which one to go with! The results from those ballots will be revealed soon when I do a full reveal of the Office and Living Room this month. The separation between the woodwork, tile and black insert contributes to the feeling of it being oversized.

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